Frequently Asked Questions

There are no open ADMIRE programme calls. The details below are provided for information only.

Are costs associated with the secondment separate from the annual research costs?

No, secondment costs would be taken from the outlined research costs (equivalent to the research Training and Network costs associated with standard MSCA projects).

Of course, the costs of a secondment could be off-set by complementary funding, perhaps including other MSCA funding or Erasmus+, subject to the relevant constraints and rules on avoiding “double-funding” from Commission sources.

budget costs funding secondments

Are secondments essential to the proposal?

No, secondments are not essential.

When deciding on including a secondment, you should make sure that the proposed secondment extends and complements your application. It should not be included just for the sake of it.

It is also important to note that secondments can be included after the fellowship has started, making use of the wider AMBER supports.


Can I apply for multiple positions with multiple supervisors?

No. Only one application can be submitted for consideration.

applications limits submissions

Can I re-submit an application?

Yes, re-submissions are accepted and encouraged!

Please do note that the ADMIRE application is unique and is different to H2020 and Horizon Europe applications. To be able to achieve full marks, all resubmissions must follow the ADMIRE document templates.

forms resubmission submission templates

Can I submit an application by email?

Ideally, all applications should be submitted online. However, we understand that not everyone has good internet connectivity. If you are having problems with the application process, please contact the Project Manager for assistance.

applications online portal submissions

Can I take my Fellowship to another institution?

No. The fellowship is tied to the AMBER Centre. Only constituent organisations of the AMBER Centre can act as a host institution.

hosting AMBER fellowship

Can journal articles that are submitted at the time of the proposal be listed in the CV?

Yes, relevant publications that are under review can be included in the CV. Please do make sure that there is a clear distinction between fully published papers and those that are under review.

CV application

Do I have to use the templates provided?

Yes, the supplied templates must be used. These templates, in conjunction with the Guide for Applicants and the Terms and Conditions documents contain all the relevant details. The proposal and CV templates contain the sections required for a competitive application, set out against the scoring criteria.

applications documents forms templates

Do applicants need a letter of consent from the researchers with whom we want to work?

No, a specific letter of consent from the supervisor is not needed: as part of the eligibility checks, we will check with the named supervisor to make sure they support that application.

supervisors application

Does the 5-page CV include publications?

Yes, the CV should include details of relevant publications.

Full details of what should be included in the CV are found in the template document.

CV application

Does the PhD research experience have to be aligned with the to be proposed project?

Largely, yes; but the actual answer may be more nuanced.

Obviously, it is easier to propose and implement a comprehensive Fellowship project if it is aligned with your existing training and skill set. However, we also acknowledge non-conventional routes through a research career. This may mean that you have expertise relevant to the ADMIRE programme that are not fully reflected in your PhD.

The key aspect to consider is if you can work with a proposed supervisor to prepare a competitive proposal that will be evaluated favourably by our Remote Expert Review Panel.

eligibility experience research application

I am not happy with the result of my evaluation: what can I do?

Any applicant who is not happy with the outcome of any evaluation step (i.e., eligibility checks, remote review, interview) can apply for redress. The redress application is available from the documents and forms page.

Requests can be made with regard to evaluation procedures that were followed and/or to the application of the evaluation criteria. Requests with regard to the scientific judgement of reviewers at any stage will not be taken into consideration. Applications must be made within 14 days of relevant notification. Redress committee responses will be issued within 15 days of application receipt. The decision of the redress committee is final.


If successful, are there any restrictions on whether a Fellow can hold funding from other sources? (e.g., IRC, ERC, etc.)

Yes, there are restrictions on holding funding from other sources.

In line with many MSCA programmes, all our appointed Fellows will commit 100% of their time to the Fellowship. This means that additional work cannot be undertaken while committed to the Fellowship.

This does not mean that additional resources (i.e., non-salary components) to support, e.g., consumable costs, travel costs or secondment costs cannot be applied for and used during the ADMIRE Fellowship.

budget costs resources fellowship

Is it possible for the applicants who completed PhD in Ireland to apply for this fellowship?

The simple answer is “yes” but there are caveats: the usual transnational mobility eligibility criterion must also be met. If you had completed your PhD in Ireland a number of years ago and then travelled for work, it might be possible to return to Ireland to take up this position.

mobility eligibility

Is there any age limit of the applicant?

No, there is no age limit for an applicant: indeed, we welcome applications from applicants who may have had a non-conventional route through their research career.

age limits eligibility

Is there any maternity leave provision that women candidates can utilise?

Yes, maternity leave for relevant Fellows is available. The specific coverage (leave and benefit) you are entitled to will depend on personal circumstances, including your contract of employment and certain local rules and regulations. However, general details about the statutory maternity cover (leave and benefits) in Ireland can be found on

maternity fellowship

Is there any upper limit on the post-PhD experience to apply for ADMIRE?

No, there is no upper limit on post-PhD experience. This is in line with H2020 rules and regulations and is different to Horizon Europe, where an upper limit does apply.

experience limits eligibility

Is there the possibility to postpone the start of the grant, if obtained; if so, how many months can it be?

Yes, this is possible but certain constraints do exist: we would hope that appointed Fellows would join the programme as soon after an offer as is practicable. We estimate that this might be some time around October 2022. Of course, we can be flexible: Fellowships beginning in early 2023 can be facilitated, as long as there is agreement with your supervisor.

We do have a “hard” deadline: all Fellowships must have started before May 2023 in order that we can guarantee the availability of the SFI COFUND component.

appointment starting fellowship

It is mandatory to contact our proposed supervisor prior to our application?

Yes, you must make contact with – and get support from – the named supervisor in advance of the application deadline.

supervisors applications

Protection of patents for the research will be expensive. How are costs covered?

If relevant research outputs are found to be suitable for protection, the Technology Transfer Office in the relevant host institution will assist with this process. Separate funds will be available to support protection of intellectual property.

budget costs implementation research

Salaries are indicative – with whom do this need to be discussed?

Specifics of the salary will be discussed with the HR unit in the relevant host institution. The specifics of the exact salary will be determined by your personal circumstances and may be slightly different to what is outlined in the Guide for Applicants. The maximum funding values (including all employer and employee costs) are outlined in the Terms and Conditions documentation.

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What documents must I submit?

Specific details of the required documents for each stage (i.e., initial application and, where relevant, interviews) are outlined in the Guide for Applicants and Terms and Conditions. Initial applications will consist of a set of online questionnaires, a proposal, a CV and, where appropriate, an ethics statement.

If a candidate is invited to interview, a personal statement and references will be sought.

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Where do I submit my application?

Applications are submitted through the dedicated Good Grant portal .

applicaiton online portal
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