Application Overview

There are no open ADMIRE programme calls. The details below are provided for information only.

Applications will soon be accepted for the second ADMIRE Postdoctoral Fellowship call. All applications should be submitted online via the dedicated Good Grant portal.

All applications must be submitted before 18:00 UTC on Sunday, 01 May 2022. Late applications cannot be accepted.

Before beginning you application, please make sure that you have read and understood all of the details contained within the Guide for Applicants and the Terms and Conditions documents.

A complete applications consists of a number of components. Full details are available in the Guide for Applicants. This handy list will help you with ensuring the application is complete. The online portal also guides you through the requirements.

  • Basic biographical details are provided online:
    • You name and email address are required to generate a profile on the Good Grant system.
    • For statistical purposes, we ask you provide details of your nationality and your identified gender.
  • Project description details are provided online:
    • You need to provide a title and project acronym.
    • You need to prepare a 300-word abstract: this will be used to allocate your application to reviewers and may be published if you become an ADMIRE Fellow. No confidential information should be included in the abstract.
    • You will need to select a suitable theme: these are pre-set. Details of the possible themes are available on the thematic areas page.
    • You will need to approach and get the approval of a supervisor before submitting your application. This is an eligibility criterion and will be checked as part of the eligibility checks following the closure of the call.
    • You need to select appropriate key words. Up to 10 keywords can be selected.
    • You will need to make a number of declarations about research integrity and the accuracy and completeness of your application.
  • The proposal documents will be prepared off-line and attached through the online portal:
    • The research proposal should follows the template provided. The proposal itself is limited to 8 pages, with margins of 2 cm on all sides. Font should not be smaller than 11 pt, except in tables, footnotes and tables.
    • The applicant CV should follows the template provided. The same formatting rules apply. The CV should not exceeds 5 pages.
    • If applicable, you should complete an ethics statement. The same formatting rules apply. The statement should not exceed 2 pages.
  • You will need to complete 2 self-assessment questionnaires on the online portal:
    • Use the ethics self-assessment questionnaire to see if you need to complete an ethics statement.
    • Complete the eligibility self-assessment to ensure your eligibility. All questions must be answered. Documentary evidence to support your assertions will be sought at later stages of the evaluation and prior to the offer or a contract.
First published: 07 January 2022 Last updated: 01 May 2022
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